Food Stamp Fraud Lawyer

NY Food Stamp Fraud Lawyers

NY Food Stamp Fraud Lawyer
Falling victim of investigation for food fraud can be very stressful. At this point, it is critical that you equip yourself with an attorney that will hold your hand all through the investigation. Spondek Law Group is your best partner when it comes to food fraud cases. We offer professional NY food stamp fraud investigation and representation services to those faced by this issue.

Our Services

HRA Food Stamp Investigations
If you have received a notice for investigations of food fraud by the HRA, we will help you through it. We will conduct a thorough investigation so as to ascertain and prove that you qualify for the benefits that you are currently receiving from food stamps.

Violations of SNAP Regulations
We will also help you is you if faced by allegations of having violated the SNAP regulations.

USDA Food Stamp Investigations
We are well capable of helping you through the USDA food stamp investigations.

Food Stamp Administrative Disqualification Hearings
We will rightly represent you in your case if it gets to the disqualifications hearing stage.
New York food Stamp Crimes

Federal Food Stamp Crimes
When faced with federal food stamp crimes, do not hesitate to come to us. We will definitely help you.

Why Choose Us?

Track Record
We maintain a great track record. Our past customers attest to the fact that we always deliver what we promise. The case will be no different for you. Our testimonials help us make more business. Therefore, we are keen on providing you with excellent results so that you can add to our testimonials.

Our team of attorneys has vast knowledge on the eligibility of food stamps. They also thoroughly understand the various defenses for food stamp frauds. Therefore, we are always able to give you excellent results. Click on NY food stamp fraud lawyer for more details.
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