Food Stamp Fraud Lawyer

Lengthy Investigations With Unfavorable Outcomes

New York Food Stamp Fraud: Lengthy Investigations With Unfavorable Outcomes

While the law is broken daily by actual criminals, law enforcement sometimes brings litigation against innocent human beings. With the need of government assistance on the rise in this country, the government is certainly cracking down in order to reduce any fraudulent activity. Unfortunately, people who really do need food stamps or welfare are often refused their benefits after investigations are conducted. With this in mind, it is crucial to understand your rights by getting a NY food stamp fraud lawyer, especially in populated areas such as New York.

An investigation into food stamp fraud typically begins with a letter from the Human Resources Administration that is demanding in nature, and requires a lengthy process to ensure the continuance of your food stamps. The letter explains that you are being investigated and need to send in tax return documents, pay stubs, bank statements, driver's license or birth certificate, letters from your landlord, and letters from schools if you have children. To complicate the process further, an in-person interview is to be scheduled between the office and recipient. However, despite frantically collecting all of this paperwork, the HRA has already begun investigating your general income. Any accounts affiliated with your social security number are easily able to be investigated by the administration. If they deem anything suspicious from their own findings or from the interview, you will lose your benefits, have to pay back any benefits that you did not qualify for, and can be called to court for welfare and food stamp fraud.

In order to protect yourself during these investigations, seeking legal advice is crucial. New York attorneys specializing in this field know the necessary steps to take in order to protect a food stamp recipient. They understand that the process is necessary, but better understand that the investigations are often unjust. If you are receiving food stamps or welfare benefits, it is essential to contact an attorney to better understand your rights in this matter. 

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