Food Stamp Fraud Lawyer

Food Stamp Fraud Lawyer

Food Stamp Fraud

 Three things you need to know about food stamp fraud:

* Food stamp fraud is providing false information about your eligibility or misusing food stamp coupons - also know as "trafficking."

* Most food stamp fraud is usually unreported income and, for the most part, hidden underground.

* Food stamp fraud is a billion dollar per month profit for thieves according to the USDA.

     Look at food stamp fraud this way, folks. If you and your family were suffering and having trouble making ends meet, like many others, you might seek food stamps. And in case you may be one of those considering food stamps, the amount of food stamps given to a family depends on your situation. An example would be where a family with more dependents and less income could easily go to the head of the line. However, if you wanted to check with a NY Food Stamp Fraud Lawyer, you would be advised that if or when someone intentionally lies about the size of their family or about how much money they earn or other fraudulent income information on a application for food stamps, they may be guilty of food stamp fraud.

If You Mislead The Government - You May Be In Serious Trouble.

Yes, the government can pursue criminal charges at the felony or misdemeanor level and if you are caught, you certainly will need the services of a NY Food Stamp Fraud Lawyer, even if you don't think you did anything wrong!

Note: SNAP fraud happens when some person lies on their application to get benefits or get more benefits than they are supposed to get. Also, you should know that the federal government and food stamp fraud lawyers have been aggressively fighting SNAP fraud trafficking due to improvements in the food stamp program.

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