Food Stamp Fraud Lawyer

Call for an Attorney

Time to Make the Call for an Attorney

If you recently received notification that you are being investigated for food stamp fraud, this issue deserves your immediate attention and not responding in a timely manner could have serious consequences. Many people simply ignore the notification because they think it is minor or they simply do not understand the letter and wait until they get follow-up information. That letter is a warning not only is an investigation started, you have only so much time before the case is ruled against you and then there is no turning back.

Speaking With a Skilled Attorney
One of the reasons that you should already be speaking with the NY food stamp fraud lawyer is because they live in that court and they have seen just about every possibly situation. They understand the terminology in that letter and know exactly what needs to be done in order for you to keep your benefits or avoid paying serious fines. If nothing else, calling and having a consultation with the attorney will allow you to see what triggered the investigation and what needs to be done to satisfy the court. Your NY food stamp fraud lawyer will be in the best position to help you to do that.

The Seriousness of the Situation
Right now you might think the letter is nothing more than just information about a concern in the agency. In fact, they most likely have gathered all the information and have reached a decision, this is your time to gather your proof and dispute the claims. Every minute that passes is vital in you getting everything together so that you are not hit with serious penalties like loss of benefits, fines, or repayment of all benefits received. There have even been cases where the judge will sentence jail time if the crime warrants and the defendant ignores the letter. 

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