Food Stamp Fraud Lawyer

Food Stamp Fraud

Food Stamp Fraud

Food stamp fraud comes in many varieties but the three most common type of food stamp fraud are retailer food stamps, food stamp trafficking, and receiving food stamp fraud. Retailer food stamp fraud is when the retail store takes part in the program and lies on their application. Food Stamp trafficking is when SNAP advantages are exchanged for cash.

Finally, recipient food stamp fraud is when the fraud receives food stamps there are not titled to. The two varieties this come from wrong information and forgot to include other incomes.



Puting false information to benefit you is a crime and the amount lost goes over $1000, then there will be charges for fraud. There can be other consequences with food stamp fraud. Such as non-citizens can be deported. Other boards can press charges even if the case was left with no serious charges. Most cases are based on simple mistakes which can get clear up with a few documents.


Get Lawyers

If you're currently in a situation of fraud, get a lawyer to support you and to decrease the punishment or maybe leave without any charges. If you receive a letter for an investigation meeting, do not go. These meeting can be used in court and used against yourself. You are not obligated to go to those meeting. You can find NY food stamps lawyer for low fees and they can really help. Experienced NY food stamp fraud lawyer has dealt with hundreds of public benefits fraud and can easily help you



All in all, you should not put false information for your own benefit. There are those times where you made a simple mistake where you should go to a lawyer. Click on NY food stamp fraud lawyer for more details.

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